We are the largest funding source for civil legal aid programs in the Commonwealth.

The Massachusetts Legal Assistance Corporation was established to ensure that low-income people with critical, non-criminal legal needs would have access to legal information, advice, and representation.

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My legal aid attorney was heaven-sent.

Daniele Bien-Aime
Daniele Bien-AimeRead more

Legal aid is there for people like me.

Remon Jourdan
Remon JourdanRead more

If you can’t die and go to heaven, the next best thing is having a legal aid lawyer.

Isabel Praeger
Isabel PraegerRead more

I’m proud that my case set a precedent for other working parents.

Carmelita T.
Carmelita T.Read more

Finally I can move forward thanks to my legal aid attorneys.

Leigh Ainsworth
Leigh AinsworthRead more

If I didn’t find legal aid, I would have lost my house.

Mike Gabriel
Mike GabrielRead more

Legal aid fought for us. To put it simply, we had a champion.

TracyLee Boutilier
TracyLee BoutilierRead more

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