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Client Outcomes

Thanks to my lawyer’s swift and tireless intervention, my tenancy was saved.

Isabelle at podium smiling and holding phone

People need to know there’s help out there.

Screenshot of Carol on Zoom sitting in kitchen, smiling and wearing purple glasses

Legal aid eased my fears.

Ed sitting on folding chair in yard in front of flowers, smiling

Legal aid is like a ‘magic touch.’

Jean in suit sitting on couch, smiling

I do not believe we would be in the position we are in now if it wasn’t for the help of legal aid.

Zoom screenshot of Malensky against plain wall

Without legal aid, this would never have been possible.

Zoom screenshot of Raymond Mello in kitchen

My children’s lives are completely changed because of the help we received from legal aid.

I was so relieved… Everything was solved!

Jenna wearing graduation cap with three young children

My legal aid attorney is a part of my family.

Two women, one with arms on a boy's shoulders

I want other people to be able to get the help that I did.

Fred Conelly

My legal aid attorney was heaven-sent.

Daniele headshot

Legal aid is there for people like me.


If you can’t die and go to heaven, the next best thing is having a legal aid lawyer.


I’m proud that my case set a precedent for other working parents.


Finally I can move forward thanks to my legal aid attorneys.

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