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Stolen Moments (Law Practice Today)

Below is an excerpt from a September 14 article published by Law Practice Today discussing the need to improve employee experiences in the legal services field. MLAC’s Board Chair, Mala Rafik, authored this article.

My associate told me during the pandemic that as difficult as life was at home with a baby and a toddler, she was immensely grateful for the “stolen moments” with her boys and her family. I think about that – about stolen moments – all the time. Time with your family, your friends – those should never feel stolen. They do. Those moments are replete with guilt because there is always more work you feel you could and should be doing. There is always an email or call that needs a response. You’re physically with friends or family, but you’re never fully present. You constantly feel like you’re missing something related to a client or a case, you’re disappointing someone, and if you just worked for one more hour, everything will be better. It never will. What does feel better? Stolen moments. The goal is to make those moments feel less stolen and more normal. As the owner of a small law firm, you have control of this transition.

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