Innovative partnership ensures lawyer for women in crisis (Mass Lawyers Weekly)

Below is an excerpt from an article published by Mass Lawyers Weekly on November 10, highlighting the partnership between Greater Boston Legal Services and Women’s Lunch Place. Greater Boston Legal Services’ Nayab Ajaz is quoted. 

An innovative program staffed by Greater Boston Legal Services is ensuring that guests at a Boston women’s shelter have a lawyer they can call on in times of crisis.

Since February, GBLS attorney Nayab R. Ajaz has been on hand to help resolve the sometimes-complex legal issues facing clients at the Women’s Lunch Place. It’s work she loves but also finds “heartbreaking” at times.

“It’s sad to see how people have been failed by various systems or just haven’t been given the information that they needed,” Ajaz says. “But it’s also great being able to correct that as well — to give people the legal help that they need.”

In January, GBLS and the Women’s Lunch Place entered a contract under which Ajaz serves as the dedicated lawyer for the daytime shelter and advocacy center.

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