Wicked Local

Below is an excerpt from an August 9 article published by the Wicked Local.

Members of a nonprofit held a demonstration outside the Solomon Pierce Road home of restaurant owners Amrik and Jaswinder Pabla, who the accuse of owing workers unpaid wages.

The Somerville-based works rights advocate Centro Presente gathered a crowd of 10 volunteers to represent the workers, who are claiming the One World Cuisine Restaurant Group owes roughly $183,000 in overtime and unpaid hours to seven employees.

“We’re trying to put pressure on them so their neighbors know who they are,” said volunteer John Walkey. “Helping the rights of immigrant workers is a mission I identify with and they are worthy of being paid for their work.”

One World owns several Indian-themed and Middle Eastern-style restaurants throughout the Boston metro area, including Diva Indian Bistro in Somerville and Mumbai Chopstix on Newbury Street in Boston.

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