Rick Glassman

Disability advocates want remote access to outlive the pandemic

Rick Glassman, Director of Advocacy at the Disability Law Center, spoke with WBUR on Feb. 15 about how Massachusetts disability advocates are pushing to keep remote access to government hearings and meetings in place even after the pandemic ends.

“Folks with mobility issues, chronic fatigue, pain, compromised immune systems: they’ve been asking for this for years,” said Glassman. “They were told, ‘it’s just not possible.’ ”

“In the past, [people with disabilities] would have had to secure transportation to be able to go to the State House or to meet with legislative officials,” Glassman said, “so we’re broadening the range of people that are able to participate.”

Glassman added that there is legislation pending on Beacon Hill that would codify requirements for virtual access in government meetings and hearings. He believes that would not only help those with disabilities but also those with inadequate transportation, parents without child care, and people living in rural areas.

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