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End Of Federal Eviction Moratorium Raises Concerns

The end of the CDC’s federal eviction moratorium, after a divided Supreme Court ruling on Thursday night, is being met with disappointment by both local advocacy groups and some landlords as well…Jessica Drew, a staff attorney for Greater Boston Legal Services, said the end of the federal moratorium has the potential to start a wave of evictions in Massachusetts. And while she said the state has more aid resources than others, she sees the process of applying for rental assistance —with documentation that has to go through multiple agencies — as being too burdensome for many people to complete. “You know, you have a family that’s in crisis, maybe they’re dealing with COVID and the impending eviction and trying to get their kids to school,” Drew said. “And now on top of that, they’re having to apply for rental assistance and provide all these documents, and that’s a challenge in itself.” Read more at GBH News.