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Exceptional Women in the Greater Boston area (Boston Globe)

In honor of Women’s History Month, the Boston Globe recognizes numerous women in the Greater Boston area for their extraordinary work, including Greater Boston Legal Services’ Hannah Tanabe. Below is an excerpt of the article on Hannah. 

Hannah Tanabe. Hannah, in her capacity as a senior attorney in the Employment Law Unit at Greater Boston Legal Services, protects the rights of the most vulnerable workers — those most likely to be taken advantage of, and least likely to successfully navigate the complex administrative and legal avenues necessary to enforce their rights and protections. During the height of the COVID pandemic, Hannah shouldered the burden of spearheading GBLS’s response to the tidal wave of unemployment insurance cases, and in the process, she became an expert in the field, which has led to wider scale advocacy around systemic changes to make the unemployment insurance system more accessible and responsive to real-world challenges. In addition to her large portfolio of individual representation cases and systemic advocacy projects, Hannah has also served as a mentor and supervisor, both formally and informally, for multiple younger attorneys, sharing her insights, values, and expertise to ensure that this next generation of attorneys is best situated to provide the advocacy necessary to respond to the next iteration of challenges for clients. Most importantly, beyond her work as an advocate, Hannah is an incredible mother to an energetic toddler, and a caring and attentive friend. She anticipates the needs of others, and offers help and support before anyone even realizes they need it. Originally from Hawaii, Hannah came to Boston in 2012, laid down strong roots, and has enmeshed herself in the city that has become her home.” -Nominated by her husband, Adam Logan from Malden

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