Know Your Rights: What Your Employer Must Do To Keep You Safe As You Return To Work

As Massachusetts begins to slowly reopen its economy, people who are not able to do their jobs remotely may be asked to return to work. This brings up a lot of questions around safety for businesses and workers alike, as not everyone may feel safe coming to the workplace…

If you are in a job that feels unsafe to continue doing, at some point, you may feel you have to evaluate whether you feel it’s worth the risk.

Elizabeth Whiteway, a senior attorney in the employment law unit at Greater Boston Legal Services, said she is hearing from a number of clients who are weighing the risks of their job versus their own health and safety.

“They could take [sick] time, but eventually, what they’re looking at is, is the establishment reopening in a way that is going to allow me to continue to have assurances about my own health and also my ability to protect anybody else I’m coming into contact with?” Whiteway said. “At that point, it might make sense for a worker to look at the unemployment options.” Read more from WBUR.