Headshot of Bonnie Tenneriello

Lawmakers urged to make prison calls free in wake of SJC ruling

State lawmakers are being urged to make phone calls for prisoners free following a Supreme Judicial Court decision that allows county sheriffs to continue charging inmates and their families for the communications.

Bonnie Tenneriello, a staff attorney for Prisoners’ Legal Services of Massachusetts — one of several groups, including the National Consumer Law Center, which argued the case before the SJC — and said the ball is now squarely in the Legislature’s court.

“The prison phone industry is sucking money out of families’ pockets,” Tenneriello said. “These are some of the most low-income and vulnerable families in the state, and disproportionately from communities of color.”

Studies have shown that people who are connected to their families and community during incarceration are far less likely to go back to prison, Tenneriello said.

“We want people to succeed when they get out, and we shouldn’t be putting up barriers between them and their loved ones — it’s just wrong,” she said.

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