MLAC has a new logo

Today, the Massachusetts Legal Assistance Corporation adopted a new logo.

With the updated logo, we hope to achieve several things.

We’ve included our initials – MLAC – in our logo. It’s how many people refer to MLAC, so we’ve folded into our visual identity.

We’ve also included a graphic image. It may suggest different things to different people. It is an M for MLAC. It also represents a bridge, which symbolizes the connection MLAC makes between funding sources and civil legal services, as well as the support MLAC provides to the organizations it funds. In addition, it suggests the arches of a courthouse. And it includes an equal sign to show our core interest in funding equal justice for all people.

MLAC’s logo has changed. Its focus remains the same. As the largest source of funding for civil legal aid organizations in Massachusetts, we are committed to providing leadership and support to improve civil legal services to low-income people in Massachusetts, through collaboration with the legal services community, the public, the bar, and the legislature.