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U.S. Attorney’s Office reaches settlement in sexual harassment lawsuit against Chicopee landlord (Spectrum News)

A May 5th Spectrum News article covered a recent settlement in a federal sexual harassment lawsuit and quoted Jane Edmonstone, Senior Supervising Attorney for Community Legal Aid’s Housing Law Unit. An excerpt from the article is below.


Chicopee Landlord Salazar Dos Santos will no longer manage property after claims of sexually assaulting multiple female tenants for over a decade.

A settlement with the U.S. Attorney’s Office was reached in a federal sexual harassment lawsuit this week after Dos Santos allegedly coerced several women from 2008 to 2019 to engage in sexual acts with him and threatened those who refused.

“We had come across a woman who was being evicted and when we asked her about what was going on,” Supervising Attorney Jane Edmonstone said. “She told us a story about how her landlord had sexually harassed and assaulted her, and brought an eviction case when she rebuffed his advances.”

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