Undue process: Poor people lose homes, children and money without a lawyer

Greater Boston Legal Services attorney Zoe Cronin was interviewed by Salon for this article about the need for more civil legal aid services across the country.

An excerpt is below.

In 2009, Shirley Hall lost her job as a drug and alcohol counselor and received a foreclosure notice on her Philadelphia home. Her life, and the economy as a whole, went into total meltdown. And like many, Hall had no lawyer to assist her. She could not afford one.

“All I could do is cry and pray,” says Hall, now 58. “That’s all I did. And try to keep it a secret from my family…I was embarrassed.”

Then one day, walking through Center City, she came across Community Legal Services’ office. The legal aid firm, which provides assistance to those too poor to afford an attorney in civil matters, saved her home.

“Rasheedah Phillips was my attorney,” says Hall. “She brought me to tears she was so good. She was there every time we had a court hearing, which was every month. They walked me through everything, paperwork…She made me strong.”

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