Lynne Parker speaking at podium with red and purple banners behind her

University of New Hampshire (UNH) School of Law profiles Lynne Parker, MLAC Executive Director, in Alumni Spotlight

Below is an excerpt from the UNH Franklin Pierce alumni blog article, published on December 1, 2022.

UNH Franklin Pierce Alumni Spotlight: Lynne Parker, JD ’88

As she was nearing her college graduation, Lynne Parker, JD ’88  knew she wanted to enter the Peace Corps. Her experience through volunteering to help women in Guatemala start small businesses piqued further interest in what has turned into a decades-long legal career spent serving others.

“I honestly felt like when I went to law school,” Parker says, “that was the only work that was interesting to me.”

In Guatemala, Parker and other Peace Corps volunteers were charged with encouraging women to become members of a savings and loan cooperative and showing them that, with diligent attention to those savings, they could eventually become business owners.  

“I ended up working with three different women’s groups in three different areas outside of Guatemala,” recalls Parker, who was able to communicate effectively in Central America through her fluency in Spanish. “I saw public interest law as being able to make a difference in a way that I would feel good about and would want to be involved in over the course of my career.”

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