What Boston renters need to know during the coronavirus pandemic

As the novel coronavirus continues to upend life in the Boston area, a worry looms among renters in the region: What happens on and after April 1?

For many tenants, April 1 is the next date that rent is due; but, if people are out of work or have lost other sources of income as a result of the pandemic, they may not be able to pay rent. Other Boston-area residents who were planning on moving now confront uncertainty over whether it’s safe or feasible to move to a new apartment at all.

Below are answers to some key questions as the outbreak unfolds, including ones surrounding what comes after April 1….

Can my landlord evict me if I contract COVID-19?
No. “Attempting to evict someone because they were infected with or thought to be infected with COVID-19, or another medical condition, would be a violation of existing fair housing laws,” said Andrea M. Park, housing and homelessness attorney at the Massachusetts Law Reform Institute… Read more in Curbed.