Chief Justice John D. Casey smiling.

MLAC welcomes new Board Member: Massachusetts Probate and Family Court Chief Justice John D. Casey

BOSTON, MA — On July 1, Massachusetts Probate and Family Court Chief Justice John D. Casey officially joined the Massachusetts Legal Assistance Corporation (MLAC) Board of Directors for a five-year term as the designated appointee of the Trial Court of Massachusetts. MLAC’s charter stipulates that the chief justice of the Trial Court either serve as a Board Member or appoint a designee.

Chief Justice Casey has over three decades of experience in family law matters, including 17 years with the Probate and Family Court. He joined the Probate and Family Court in 2006 and has served as chief justice since 2018. His accomplishments during this time are numerous; for example, he led an award-winning case conferencing program in partnership with the Department of Revenue that leveraged remote hearings to address thousands of paternity and child support cases. His commitment to keeping the courts responsive to litigants’ needs during the COVID-19 pandemic has been widely lauded and is demonstrated by his early adoption of virtual proceedings, virtual registries, and expanded eFiling.

A trusted mentor to many, Chief Justice Casey has served as a J2J Mentor and frequently participated on panels for the MBA, BBA, MCLE and others. Prior to joining the Massachusetts Probate and Family Court, Chief Justice Casey was the First Justice of the Norfolk County Probate and Family Court. He also served for four years on the Judicial Conduct Commission.

“Family law issues are consistently some of the most common types of problems we see in the civil justice system,” says Lynne Parker, Executive Director of MLAC. “I look forward to working with Chief Justice Casey, and to the valuable insights he will bring to MLAC’s Board initiatives, as we continue our efforts to expand funding for civil legal aid so more people with low incomes can be served.”

Stepping down from his role as Trial Court appointee to MLAC’s Board is Timothy Linnehan, Alternative Dispute Resolution Coordinator for the Massachusetts Trial Court. As Board Treasurer, he helped steer MLAC through both the economic recession of 2008 and the COVID-19 pandemic. His contributions to the organization have been incalculable. MLAC sincerely thanks him for his partnership and personal investment over many years.