MLAC extends Immigration Legal Assistance Fund

BOSTON, March, 7 — The Massachusetts Legal Assistance Corporation has received funding to extend the Massachusetts Immigration Legal Assistance Fund for an additional two years.

MLAC created MILAF in 2019 with funding from an anonymous donor to respond to persistent unmet legal needs among vulnerable immigrant and refugee populations across the Commonwealth. Recognizing the continued needs of immigrants, refugees, and asylum seekers, the anonymous donor provided resources to extend the program.

“We are very grateful for the continued funding of MILAF, which not only provides crucial legal services to vulnerable individuals, but also helps the organizations it funds build their capacity to provide more representation and community education across the state,” said Lynne Parker, MLAC executive director. “Keeping these established programs operating allows legal aid organizations to seamlessly continue their outreach and service to at-risk people and communities.”

MILAF provides funding to 12 organizations:

Community Legal Aid
Children’s Law Center of Massachusetts
De Novo Center for Justice and Healing
Greater Boston Legal Services
Health Law Advocates
Justice at Work
Massachusetts Law Reform Institute
Northeast Legal Aid
PAIR Project
Prisoners’ Legal Services
Rian Immigrant Center
South Coastal Counties Legal Services


About MLAC 

The Massachusetts Legal Assistance Corporation is the largest funding source for civil legal aid organizations in Massachusetts. The Commonwealth established MLAC in 1983 to ensure that low-income people facing critical non-criminal legal issues would have access to legal information, advice, and representation. 

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