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Return to school could jeopardize jobless benefits

A federal law has allowed parents who couldn’t work during the pandemic, because they had to stay home with children in remote learning, to collect pandemic unemployment assistance benefits. But with most Massachusetts school districts reopening this week for full-time, in-person instruction, those who’ve been claiming those benefits could soon lose them. . . .

Monica Halas, lead staff attorney with Greater Boston Legal Services, said there are a lot of nuances to the pandemic unemployment assistance rules that would allow people at risk of losing the benefits to continue receiving them. She said even with schools reopening, some people could still claim the unemployment benefits.

“If they have a child who can’t wear a mask, or if their immune system is compromised, or for some other reason they can’t go to school they can still get benefits,” she said. . . . “If having your child going to school puts you or someone in your immediate family at risk that’s another reason to collect. . . The important thing for people to know is if they have options.”

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