UMass Law students champion funding for civil legal aid (UMass Law)

Below is an excerpt from a news article published on January 29 by UMass Law documenting the experience their law students had at the 25th annual Walk to the Hill lobbying day event.

On Thursday, January 25, 50 UMass Law students and Assistant Dean Julie Cahill “walked to the hill”—namely the Massachusetts State House on Beacon Hill—to lobby for civil legal aid funding in the Massachusetts state budget for fiscal year 2025.

And, for the 5th consecutive year, UMass Law won the “Highest Participation for a Law School Award” from the Equal Justice Coalition.

“We are fortunate at UMass Law to have so many individuals who study and work at the law school because of an abiding passion for justice, access, and opportunity,” said Dean Sam Panarella.  “The incredible participation of our students at this year’s Walk to the Hill event is one more example of our community living this mission of pursuing justice—a mission that our public law school was founded to serve.”

“I am thrilled to attend Walk to the Hill each year with our law students and introduce them to the importance of civil legal aid,” said Assistant Dean Julie Cahill. “When law students participate in this event and see the impact civil legal aid has on the lives of the clients who are served, they may one day become legal aid lawyers doing this critical work in our communities, fulfilling our mission to Pursue Justice.”

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